Class Rules

Kenpo Christian Class Rules


  1. No street shoes, street sneakers, or socks allowed in the dojo.
    1. Special training sneakers or bare feet only
    2.  Feet must be clean and toe nails must be trimmed, students with dirty/smelly feet will be asked to wash feet before being allowed to train
    3. If you have a problem with foot fungus, please see Mr. Deslongchamps about buying special training shoes
  2.  Uniforms
    1. Students wear all black uniforms
    2. Black Belts can wear red top or a black t-shirt.
    3. Instructors may wear either
    4. All uniforms must be clean, students in dirty/smelly uniforms will not be allowed to train
    5. Students must wear their uniform, if you forget your uniform, you will be asked to train in the back row. Complete uniform includes: pants, top and belt.
    6. Knot Placement
      1. Instructors-knot in middle
      2. Female Students-knot on right side
      3. Male Students-knot on left side
  3.  Official School T-Shirts may be worn, with uniform pants and rank belt when Mr. D says it is allowed.
  4. Patches – students may wear any appropriate patch in any proper location in accordance with the following.
    1. All ranks are to wear the Karate for Christ association patch on the left side of their chest.
    2. All ranks are to wear the American Flag patch on their left shoulder 2 inches from their seam.
    3. All ranks are to wear the Kenpo Karate patch on the right shoulder 2 inches from the seam.
      1. Instructor, Junior Leader patches are worn above the Kenpo Karate Patch, right along the seam.
  5. Male students of ALL ranks are required to wear a protective cup during class.
    1. Male students not wearing a groin guard will not be allowed to participate
  6. No jewelry or watches (exception is wedding bands) are allowed in class due to safety for yourself and others.
  7. If student has long hair (Shoulder Length or longer) it must be pulled back into a pony-tail. This is for your safety.

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  1. Always bow into the dojo when entering or exiting the main entrance to show respect for the training that takes place.
  2. Always bow to anyone you are working with to show respect for each other.
  3. Bow to an instructor that has helped you as a sign of gratitude. Instructors are to bow back.


  1. You may refer to the senior instructor as Mr. Deslongchamps or Mr. “D”, if you have trouble saying “Des-long-champs”
  2. Instructors are always addressed as Mister or Miss followed by the Instructors last name.
  3. If you arrive late for your class, remain at the dojo floor entrance in relaxed position and wait to be recognized and bowed in by one of the Black Belt Instructors to avoid disturbing the class and/or injury.
  4. When entering the dojo during class time, always go behind the class to change and/or line up.
  5. No food or gum chewing is allowed in the dojo.
  6. No profanity is allowed anywhere in the dojo.
  7. No leaning on any of the Dojo walls.
  8. Before and after asking an instructor a question you must bow.
  9. Mr. Deslongchamps, reserves the right to cancel your training at anytime.
  10. If you ever have questions do not hesitate to ask.


  1. Protective gear is mandatory and will be worn at all times by all students sparring. Gear includes: Head, Foot, and Hand Gear; Mouth guard, and all male students are required to wear a groin guard.
  2. All sparring will be light contact. At instructor discretion the student will not be allowed to continue to spar, in extreme cases the student can be barred from sparring for a term determined by Mr. Deslongchamps.
  3. There will be no contact to face, back or below the belt.
  4. Students may only spar under the supervision of instructor or instructor appointed supervision.
  5. All competition outside the Kenpo Christian dojo is the responsibility of the parent, guardian or student.
  6. Student must obey instructor during sparring without question.
  7. All participants of sparring must be a student of Kenpo Christian in order to participate in dojo activities and have a signed waiver on file.
  8. Any student that does not comply with the above rules will be asked to leave the floor.

Child Care

  1.  Parents of minor children are responsible for their children at all times, unless the child is  actively participating in class at that time.
  2. Child care is ONLY provided during the adult class for children of adult students actively participating in class.
  3. Children under the care of a child care worker, must follow directions of child care worker without question or risk disciplinary action at Mr. D’s discretion.
  4. Any child who destroys church property or disrespects the property of others during child care will not be eligible for the next rank promotion test and may be barred from further training at Mr. D’s discretion.

Youth Tests

  1. Students 3rd Brown and above are not eligible for private tests.
  2. Students can only request 1 private test per year (Kenpo Calendar Year)
  3. If a student fails a test a make-up exam can be scheduled at Mr. D’s discretion.

Tuition and Other Payment Information:

There is only the yearly registration fee of $40/year and the $15 testing fee (for each test, approximately 4 per year).

Enrollment Contracts:

Kenpo Christian does not require enrollment contracts.

Other Rules/Procedures

Snow Days:

If Wentzville school district cancels class, there will be no class. If possible, make up days will be scheduled. Always check First Baptist Church Wentzville web site for severe weather cancellations.

Attendance Policy:

If a student does not attend at least 8 classes during the session, they will not be eligible for rank promotion.

Scheduled Class Breaks (See yearly calendar for dates.)

  • Any day when church office is closed
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Christmas Break
  • Spring Break
  • Summer Break

Misuse of training:

The training you receive at Kenpo Christian is to be only used for Self-Defense purposes or for self improvement. Mr. Deslongchamps reserves the right to discipline students who misuse training by rank demotion or by dismissal from training; disciplinary action will be done on a case-by-case basis.

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