Adult Rank Requirements (Yellow to 5th Degree Black)

Children/Youth Curriculum & Forms

Rank Promotion Application

Segment #1

Kenpo Champion Checklist

Tenant of Honor Focus

Memorization Verse

“”Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.” – James 3:1 ESV

Children’s Class

Weeks 1-4

Basic Techniques

  • Straight Punches from Horse Stance
  • Front Kick from Neutral bow
  • Inward Block from Horse Stance

Line Drills

  • Step up straight punch
  • Step back inward block
  • Step up front kick

Weeks 5-8

Hand Techniques

  • Palm Heel from Horse Stance
  • Side Kick from Neutral Bow
  • Outward Block From Horse Stance

Line Drills

  • 3 Step Offense/3 Step Defense with and without partner

Youth Class

Self Defense

  1.  Delayed Sword
  2. Alternating Maces


Youth Class:

Beginners (White to Blue, All Children’s Class Students):

  • 3-Step Offense/3-Step Defense

Advanced (Green to 1st Brown):

  • Green: Short Form #1 (Right Side Only)
  • 3rd Class Brown Belts: Short Form #1 (Right and Left Side)
  • 2nd Class Brown Belts: Coordination Set #1
  • 1st Class Brown belt and above, see Instructor for requirements

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